Roofing Services? Hire Duffy Roofing & Restoration


Duffy Roofing &
Restoration offer quality roofing installation and repairs, along with roof
inspection and window replacement. They have been serving the East Coast
community since 1921 and their wealth of experience means they are committed to
delivering exceptional customer service every time. 

 After looking for
roofers near me, I found Duffy Roofing & Restoration were highly rated and
offered a good value service. 

 As far as roofing
contractors go, the team at Duffy Roofing & Restoration couldn’t be better.
They are knowledgeable and professional. They work in cooperation with the
customer to deliver roof replacements and installations at a budget and time
frame which suits the customer. 

Why Choose Roofing Services?

Duffy Roofing &
Restoration are true masters of their craft. It is rare to get a roofing
company which ticks all the boxes, but Duffy Roofing & Restoration work
promptly and tidily to get the job done in a stress-free manner, at an
affordable and reasonable price. 


If you are looking for
a roof repair, but are having problems getting your insurance company to pay for
it, the team at Duffy Roofing & Repair can help you. Each customer at Duffy
Roofing & Repair is assigned a Project Manager to work on their roofing
project. That way there if you have any queries or concerns there is always
someone on hand to answer them who knows the details of your job and is up to
speed on the progress.


There are also
in-house insurance specialists who will liaise with your insurance company to
secure the funding you need for the roof replacement or repair. 


Duffy Roofing &
Restoration have the necessary experience to ensure every step of the insurance
claim is done correctly. When submitting an insurance claim, it is key to
extensively document the extent of the damage. Duffy Roofing & Restoration
hire insurance adjusters to inspect the damage to your roof. They know the ins
and outs of the industry and an ensure everything is handled correctly. 


It isn’t just roof
repairs and installations; the team have a wealth of knowledge and are on hand
to offer advice or assistance when necessary. They work with you, to help
ensure you are getting the right roof for you, from everything from style, to
color and material. 


The best roof
replacement and roof servicing companies ensure the job is done properly. With
Duffy Roofing & Restoration, the job will be done correctly. If you have
been throwing good money after bad and have had bad experiences with roofers
not solving the problem, give Duffy Roofing & Restoration a call to ensure
you never need to deal with it again. 


A roofing contractor
can be measured by the condition they leave the job. Not only will Duffy
Roofing & Restoration leave you with a perfect looking roof, they also
leave the job tidier than when they left it. They conduct magnetic sweeps of
the area to ensure even the smallest nails have not been missed and there are
no dangers hiding in any nooks and crannies that could cause harm. At Duffy
Roofing & Restoration they really have thought of it all.

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Alpharetta, GA 30004