How to Tell If Your Tankless Water Heater Needs Service

If you’ve recently discovered a sudden change in the quality of water coming out of your water heater, you might need to have it serviced. Many people have the belief that if their water heater is doing fine, the chances are good that it’s okay, too. However, your tankless water heaters may need to be repaired by experts at Plumbers in The Colony TX if:

Your water is cloudy: If your water is cloudy, rusty, dirty, or full of sediment, then this is most likely an indication that something is wrong with the tankless water heater. It is very possible to have cloudy water from dirty water and poor maintenance. This means that the heater may need some serious cleaning to remove the buildup of dirt, grease, and even sediment.

Your water is cold: If the water that comes out of your heater is cold, then you may be getting colder water than normal. Cold water is extremely corrosive and can eat away at your tankless heater parts over time. The best way to remedy this is to have the unit serviced by a professional to remove all the accumulated dirt and debris. This will prevent damage to the heater and tank itself as well as any of your pipes.

Leaky pipes: Your water heater is susceptible to leaks. These leaks could be caused by a variety of things, including: clogged drains, a clogged valve, water level changes, a clogged water delivery system, or just a leaky pipe that needs to be fixed. If your heater is leaking, it could be dangerous to use so you should have it serviced as soon as possible. The best way to find out if there is a leak is to have a professional check it out before you use the heater, and test the water.

Your water is hot: If your water is still hot and you are using a heater with an internal heating element, then there could be a problem with your thermostat. You should always have a professional look at your thermostat if you notice that the water is still hot. When your thermostat is broken, the heat from the heater can actually cause a build up of condensation inside your tank and cause damage to the elements. If your heater has been left on without a break, the result can be catastrophic.

Your heater is not heating: It is easy to forget to turn your heater off when it is not required. If your heater is not heating water, you may not realize that the heater is off until there is a big drop in temperature. This can be caused by water that is being wasted through unneeded heating cycles.

Your water is hot to the touch: If you are not getting warm water when you touch the water in the faucet, you could be using the tank that does not have the correct amount of heater fluid. You may want to have the unit serviced by a professional to make sure that your heater has the right amount of water flowing through. The wrong amount of heater fluid could cause your water to get too hot and eventually burn your hands on a hot stove.

There are many other reasons for your water to suddenly change its temperature that you may never think of. With the proper diagnosis and professional servicing, you can prevent costly repairs that can cost you thousands of dollars. With these simple steps, you can prevent the potential disaster from ruining your home and losing the use of your heater.